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    The People

    I would like to thank all of the great process technology, process control, instrumentation and maintenance program folks I have met over many years. 

    The industrial instructors, administrators, teachers, trainers and their support  are the professionals who provide the foundation to keep our world running cleanly and safely.



    "State of the Art" Digital Learning Modalities


    Add Custom Simulation, E-Learning, Integrated Instructor Guides, Visuals, Graphics, Modeling and Virtual Reality Exercises in Operations and Maintenance.


    Training Systems


    We'll be pleased to come and visit or hold an online conference to bring focus to our process training offerings and how our products may benefit you.  

    Let's talk with your Grant Administrator and Advisory Board or Members about your planning and objectives. 


    We are uniquely qualified to analyze preparedness from site preparations to completion of training platforms to provide the maximum number of realistic student workstations.  

    Huge increases in student participation occur when the intimidation factors, typically associated with plant equipment and the industrial workplace are removed. 


    We have equipment from cut-away valves to real working skid based plants and in between to choose equipment to fit your program

    Fortunately, Industry and Government is becoming keenly aware of a workforce without the technical expertise required to run our facilities.  

    Let us price program additions so you'll be prepared when the opportunity comes around. Let us help you make sure your program investment pays off.


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