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Plants and Process Labs - Pignat

Pignat has been building state of the art custom design and engineered packaged labs and plants for industry and education since the 1960's. A world renown French specialty equipment company and leader in engineering study units with reactors, plants and common processes. 

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Simplant Training Systems - DAC

We represent superb manufacturers in industrial training and engineering study equipment.  While specializing in process technology, process control and instrumentation in refining and petrochem, complimenting our expertise and client base we provide heavy equipment in engineering and process study for colleges and institutions of higher learning.     

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Engineering Study - P.A.Hilton Ltd

 P.A.Hilton Ltd  is a recognised market leader within the undergraduate Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Combustion, Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer disciplines. The company continues to expand its catalogue to include Compressible Flow, Aerodynamics, Renewable Energy, Engine Test, Computerised Data Acquisition as well as a complete range of Vocational Refrigeration Training Equipment. 

Examples of On-Site Plants with Process Customers and Associates

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